extra feta cheese or tzatziki $2.25 extra pita bread $0.65 each Shrimp Saganaki - $10.50 jumbo shrimp sauteed in garlic butter, scallions and tomatoes, covered with melted feta cheese and served with pita bread Flaming Cheese – $9.50 kasseri cheese flamed in brandy at your table Cheese Pita - $3.95 triangle flaky dough with feta cheese filling Feta Cheese – $7.95 slices tangy feta cheese with a touch of olive oil and oregano Greek Olive Plate – $8.95 kalamata olives, salonika peppers and tomato wedges with oregano Cheese And Olive Plate – $9.50 a combination feta cheese and olives Pita Pizza - $7.50 a slice of toasted pita bread topped with a zesty sauce, feta cheese green pepper and onions with your choice of chicken breast or gyro meat Kalamari – $11.95 Kalamari, lightly breaded and flash fried, served with cocktail sauce and or creamy dill sauce Beer Battered Shrimp – $10.95 shrimp deep fried in a beer batter made with guinness stout Hermes Hot Wings – $8.95 spicy chicken wings served with tzatziki dip Mixed Appetizer Platter – $18.95 for those who want to try a variety of dips and appetizers- served with 2 toasted pita bread
Greek Salad – $8.95 crisp lettuce tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and onion, topped with greek olives, feta cheese and our own dressing Gyro Salad – $10.50 our greek salad with slices of gyro meat Grilled Chicken Breast Salad - $10.50 our greek salad with tender strips of charbroiled chicken breast
Chicken Riganato – $10.95 two chicken breasts seasoned with lemon and oregano, served with potatoes Moussaka – $11.95 our version of greece’s famous culinary delight, tender slices of eggplant and potatoes, layered with seasoned ground beef, onions and tomatoes, topped with grated cheese and bechamel, a light sauce made of butter, cheese, milk and egg Dolmades – $11.95 a greek classic, grape leaves stuffed with mixture of seasoned ground beef and rice Pastitsio – $9.50 a smooth, delicately flavored dish that is sure to satisfy a hearty appetite-layers of macaroni, cheese and ground beef, seasoned with herbs, topped with grated cheese and bechamel cheese Mediterranean Combination Platter – $21.95 a generous sampling of select Mediterranean dishes-half order of Moussaka, half order of Pastitsio, half order of spinach pita, cheese pita, Mediterranean mixed vegetables and spinach rice Ribeye Steak On Pita – $9.95 cooked to order, served with greek villager salad Petite 8 Oz Bacon Wrapped Filet – $16.95 cooked to order, served with greek villager salad and twice baked potato 20 Oz Porter House - $21.95 cooked to order, served with greek villager salad and twice baked potato Stuffed Peppers And Tomatoes-with Potatoes – $11.50 one pepper and one tomato stuffed with a mixture of seasoned ground beef and rice
Mediterranean Melt Down – $8.50 a spinach dip prepared with a combination of melted cheese, served with 2 toasted pita bread Taramosalata – $8.50 a cool tangy spread of fish roe whipped with fresh lemon juice, onions, olive oil and moistened bread, served with 2 toasted pita bread Hummus – $8.50 a favorite mediterranean dip made with ground chick peas and sesame seed with lots of garlic, served with 2 toasted pita bread Babaganous – $8.50 mediterranean style dip with a touch of garlic and tahini. served with pita bread and tomato wedges Tzatziki – $4.95 a delicious dip made with sour cream, ground cucumbers and garlic Red Pepper Dip – $8.50 a robust dip made from roasted red pepper and feta cheese, served with 2 toasted pita bread
Gyro On Pita – $7.50 a mixture of lean ground beef and lamb, vertically broiled on our rotisserie, thinly sliced and served on pita bread with onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce Deluxe Gyro – $9.50 above gyro with the addition of shredded lettuce and feta cheese Vegetarian Gyro – $8.95 a meatless gyro sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and feta cheese, topped with tzatziki sauce Lamb Chops – $21.95 two broiled lamb chops garnished with mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes and onions in a delicate wine sauce, served over a bed of rice with pita bread Shish Kebob Deluxe Platter our kebob house specialty – marinated kebob served on a bed of rice with sauteed green peppers, onions, mushrooms and zucchini garnished with feta cheese, tomatoes, olives, cucumber slices, pepperoncini, lemon wedges and pita bread
  • With Lamb $16.50
  • With Chicken $15.50
  • With Pork $14.50

Shish Kebob Plate this is why we’re called a kebob house, our special recipe shish kebob

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– marinated cubes of pork, chicken or lamb, served on a bed of rice pilaf and garnished with pita bread

  • With Lamb $14.50
  • With Chicken $13.50
  • With Pork $12.50

Souvlaki On Pita a pork, chicken or lamb shish kebob, served wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes, onions and feta cheese

Charbroiled Chicken Breast Sandwich served with greek villager salad – $8.50 Chicken Tenders – $8.95 served with honey mustard sauce and fries Olympia Burger – $5.95 charbroiled ground chuck with a special blend of spices, onions and green peppers on a toasted bun or pita bread

  • With Cheese $7.50

Feta Burger – $7.50 charbroiled ground chuck with feta cheese on a toasted bun or pita bread Steak Burger - $5.50 charbroiled ground chuck on a toasted bun or pita bread with pickles, onion and tomato on request

  • With Cheese $6.95

Eggplant Parmesan – $9.50 slices of fried eggplant with our special tomato sauce, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and baked Spinach Pita - $8.50 a kebob house specialty – a rolled pastry made of feto cheese and spinach, sauteed in butter, onions and herbs, baked in flaky leaves of filo dough Spinach Rice – $6.95 a tangy dish of spinach and rice seasoned with onions, olive oil and herbs Mediterranean Mixed Vegetables - $8.50 baked zucchini, potatoes, eggplant, beans and onions baked with whole tomatoes Taverna Steak Fries - $4.95 extra large, crisp golden potato fries Taverna Potato Peels – $8.95 deep fried potato peels with tzatziki dip Vegetarian Platter – $10.95 two slices of fried eggplant, spinach rice and mediterranean mixed vegetables
all of our desserts are freshly baked in our ovens Baklava – $4.95 the world famous aristocrat of pastry desserts – chopped walnuts and spices layered with delicate leaves of filo pastry topped with a cinnamon flavored honey syrup Galaktoboureko – $4.95 a delicate custard pastry topped with honey syrup, baked in a crisp crust of filo pastry leaves – highly recommended Kourambiethes – 4 for $4.75 greek wedding cookies coated with powdered sugar – so delicious they melt in your mouth Paximathia – 4 for $4.75 toasted cinnamon and almond cookies Rice Pudding - $4.50 creamy rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon
Greek Coffee – $3.95 American Coffee – $2.95 Decaffeinated – $2.95 Hot Tea – $2.95 Iced Tea – $2.95 Hot Chocolate - $2.95 Soda – $2.75 Milk – $2.75
15 person minimum Appetizers (per person) All dips include 1 pita Hummus $2.50 Babaganous $2.50 Tzatziki $2.50 Mediterranean Meltdown (spinach dip) $2.25 Red Pepper Dip $2.25 Taramasalata $2.25 Mixed Appetizer Platter Includes Babaganous, Hummus, Tzatziki, Taramasalata, Olives, Cucumbers, Tomato Wedges, Feta Blocks, Pepperocinis and Pita Bread Small (10 pitas) $45 Large (15 pitas) $55 Substitutions available upon request Salads (per person) Garden Salad $2 Greek Salad $3 Entrees (per person) Gyro Buffet $6 Deluxe Gyro Buffet $7 Kebobs (per person) Includes rice pilaf and pita bread Lamb $10 Chicken $8 Pork $8 Sides (per person) Dolmades (2) $3 Mediterranean Mixed Vegetables $2 Spanakopita (spinach pita) $2.15 Tiropita (cheese pita) $2 Pastitsio $3 Moussaka $3 Kreatopita (meat pie) $3 Desserts (per person) Baklava (walnuts & filo) $2 Galaktoboureko (custard & filo) $2 Kourambeathes (wedding cookies) $1